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Twin Mattress Sale

The Official Buyers’ Guide to Shopping at a Twin Mattress Sale

Twin mattress sale is the perfect place to shop for the right twin mattress for your bedroom.  Twin mattresses can be the best choice for one person to sleep on or for those with a small bedroom.  In the U.S. they’re sized at 39” x 75” and are commonly used by kids and college students. Whether you’re seeking a twin mattress sale where you can obtain a cheap twin mattress, or are interested in exploring the luxury options, this guide should prove helpful.

Choosing a Twin Mattress

Before you review the available options for your twin size mattress set purchase, you should first determine if a twin-sized bed is the option that will best fit your needs.  If more than one person will be sleeping on a mattress, and you have a big enough space to accommodate a larger bed, you may instead want to consider a full size, queen, or king size mattress.  No matter what type of mattress is chosen, there will be several options from budget twin mattress sets under $100 to plush pricier versions.

Spring Coil Mattresses

When shopping at a twin mattress sale, you’ll have many options to compare and will be able to choose a model that fits your specific needs in terms of firmness, support, and price.  A twin mattress sale will likely carry a large variety of spring coil mattresses, which consist of a steel coil spring core with an upholstery covering.  The gauge of the coils is one factor which determines a mattresses’ level of firmness, with a higher gauge reflecting a more firm mattress.  Some spring mattresses come with an additional pillow-top layer for an extra-soft feel.

Foam Mattresses

Many people end up buying a foam mattress after trying one at a twin mattress sale. These unique beds can be comprised of various types of foam product, such as memory foam or latex rubber foam.  Some foam mattresses are completely foam, while others have a foam layer over a core made of another material.  These mattresses sometimes provide less support but a greater level of cushioning.  Many people with back problems prefer memory foam mattresses due to their ability to mold to a sleeping person’s body shape.  If you like the feel of a memory foam mattress, you may also want to purchase a foam pillow while at a twin mattress sale.

Other Components to Buy at a Twin Mattress Sale

Most mattresses require the use of a foundation, usually in the form of a box spring set. You’ll also need to purchase a frame for your new bed when shopping at a twin mattress sale.   There are numerous options available, ranging from basic metal models to elaborate wood versions that include decorative headboards and footboards.  You should be able to choose a design that matches well with the style of your other furniture.

Twin Mattress Bedding and Toppers

You’ll probably want to buy bedding for the mattress you purchased at the twin mattress sale.  Twin bedding is available in numerous materials ranging from silk to organic cotton and comes in an endless variety of colors and designs.   One other thing to consider is the purchase of a mattress topper to use on your new twin mattress.  These provide additional padding and comfort, and options range from featherbed cushions to thick foam toppers.

Buying a Twin Mattress

Twin mattress prices can start at around $99 for a basic spring mattress and up to $400 or more for a luxury foam mattress and box spring set.   When buying a twin mattress, it can be helpful to look for reviews of the various models on websites such as  Mattresses can also be purchased online at websites such as Amazon and Overstock.  When buying a mattress online, be sure to figure in the shipping costs of having it delivered to your home.  You may also want to check with your local furniture stores to see if any will be running an upcoming twin mattress sale. One benefit to in-person shopping is that you can try the mattress prior to purchase, but the downside is that you will need to find a way to bring the mattress home or pay an extra charge for delivery.

No matter your budget or preference when it comes to beds, there is surely a twin mattress for sale that will meet your needs and hopefully result in years of restful sleep.  You can use the information learned in this article to help you buy a perfect twin mattress set that suits your needs and budget at the twin mattress sale.